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The Hussar method is the invention of the century in drawing education!" 

Beata Mizerak - artist, art-teacher

International Talent Development Program 2023

Hussar Arts International Academy

From 24 January 2023, institutions may apply to support school drawing education under our International Talent Development Program as follows:

Who can apply?

  • Primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities in Hungary and abroad

Form of support:

  • Talent development live on-site training
  • Talent development tools
  • drawing Tools

Value of aid:

  • GBP 10 000- 80 000 per institution

6 hour drawing lessons

  • As part of an unusual teaching day,
  • In groups of at least 35 people, up to 45 people,
  • Drawing course from 8 am to 2 pm, which contains the curriculum of the following four topics: 
  1. Gold engraving with Hussar method: Proportional portrait drawing by head
  2. The beautiful look: drawing an eye from the head
  3. Photo Realistic Drawing Techniques: Realistic Shading of the Look
  4.  Edit hair

The value of the drawing course is GBP 187 / person + we also provide an additional GBP 32 drawing tool support per student!

The drawing course is free for the students of the schools and communities submitting the winning application!

In the drawing course, students can draw with the best drawing tools in the world, for which we provide more than GBP 2500 worth of drawing tools on the spot for the groups! Getting to know and using these special drawing tools is extremely inspiring in our experience for students 'enthusiasm for drawing. The use of the tools instead of the rent of GBP 11 per student is also FREE!

In addition to the free use of drawing tools worth GBP 75 per student, students can choose from two more discounted special drawing tool packages, which they can take home!

The packages contain special drawing tools marked with the HUSSAR METHOD logo, which are manufactured and distributed exclusively by our academy.

BASIC drawing tool package: GBP 13 at a discount instead of GBP 18.

  • Premium quality editing pencil + satirizing pencils ( for realistic shading ) + premium XXL graphite powder

PREMIUM drawing tool package: GBP 18 at a discount instead of GBP 50.

  • BASIC drawing tool package + ratio sensor [ Hussar meter ]

Supporting further studies at our talent development academy

For students of successful applicant schools who took part in the 6-hour drawing course, we also support the opportunity for discounted further study at our academy for another 5 years.

The study support provided in this way is GBP 12 500 per student!

In the successfully applying schools, we provide GBP 750 of in-service training at our academy free of charge for the teachers organizing the drawing course, and we give GBP 75 worth of drawing tools as a gift!

Further training opportunities:

  • Tuition free online drawing courses
  • 90% discount on the price of our all-day tuition drawing courses

Conditions for winning applications

  • The curriculum taught at our academy is the original protected method registered in the National Office of Intellectual Property. With tuition-free training for drawing teachers, we allow and support the use of what we have learned in our academy in school drawing lessons, provided that the Hussar method is mentioned in the lessons.
  • Schools can apply for talent development for up to hundreds of students. In this case, the drawing course is held in several groups, on separate days, in groups of a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 45 people.
  • In the event that there is a need to develop the talent of less than 35 students from a school, it is possible for several schools to apply together, thus organizing a group of at least 35 people.
  • Students can only participate on a voluntary basis in our talent development drawing courses organized as part of an unusual teaching day.
  • Students undertake to use the ( drawing tool provided in the drawing courses for GBP 2500 per group as intended, in an effort to minimize their natural depreciation. The cost of replacing used or damaged drawing tools resulting from depreciation is borne by our academy.
  • In the drawing courses we provide a high level, university-quality education, the duration of which has been adapted to a disciplined group dynamics. It is not the job of the teacher of our academy to discipline the students, so only motivated, drawing-loving, learning-minded students should take part in the courses.
  • The high-value drawing tools provided to students are available to our academy in limited quantities, so we only want to support students who appreciate and appreciate this. Therefore, we apply the cost of GBP 13 as part of the support provided to the students with a value of GBP 218 per person.
  • With the permission of the schools and the consent of the students ( in the case of minors, we take photos and videos in the drawing courses, with which we document both the implementation of grants and the development of students who are successful in the method.
  • An important aspect in the evaluation of the applications is the motivation letter of the applicant school, which can be formulated in the section on the application form.
  • Our academy reserves the right to reject the grant application when assessing applications.
  • The school representative will be notified of the winning applications by e-mail.


Our academy provides only highly qualified teachers in school drawing courses, which guarantees a professional, university level of education.

The costs of depreciation resulting from the use of ( more than GBP 2500 worth of ) drawing tools provided free of charge in the drawing courses, as well as the fees and travel expenses of our teachers, are borne by our academy, there are no costs for the schools submitting the winning application.

The application form is at the bottom of the page! 

To submit your application, please fill out the form below!