Professional photorealistic drawing education

Tonchi Hussar (Hungary)

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 In just a few years, more than 7,000 of my students have personally experienced the effectiveness of the "Hussar Method", with which anyone can really learn to draw lifelike, photorealistically, even from the head. (Not just copied.)

 As the founder of the academy, I have been studying professional fine arts since I was 11 years old. As a classical artist, studying the results of modern brain research, I recognized the real secret of talent and in 2017 I created the "art of self-conscious emotions awakened," the Hussar method. Its foundation is based on a system of original geometric relations that is new to even the most educated professional artists. For this reason, 27 countries (from Dubai to Vancouver, Canada) have already traveled to Europe from all over the world to study with this methodology, both amateurs and internationally renowned artists. At the academy, talent becomes a skill that can be acquired even through learning, even for complete beginners.

 As the head of the Academy, I have the opportunity to present you with a gift voucher worth  165 $, with which you can participate in the first three online drawing course of the Academy for FREE. [ B1-B3 ]

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