The Hussar method is the invention of the century in drawing education!" 

Beata Mizerak - artist, art-teacher

The Hussar method revolutionizes drawing education. "

Larry Sept - artist  Vancouver, Canada

Drawing skills development with Hussar method!

Drawing skills development with Hussar method!

We debuted with a unique new curriculum 2 months ago, which exceeded all our expectations.

Indeed, in just 4 days you can acquire the full-fledged knowledge that you will be able to draw from memory completely on your own, very precisely, a special, a much more detailed and accurate face editing scheme than any previously known method, which you can convert to anyone's face with a few millimeters modification, or after a model.

The curriculum of the 4-day drawing course also includes the original Hungarian ( own ) method, which allows anyone to master all this without copying tricks and poisonings, with a free eye level.

For twenty years as a karate coach, and for the past seven years in the field of fine arts, which have been closely related to martial arts for centuries, I have been researching possible ways to develop talent for nearly 30 years. As a result of my scientific research, I have successfully created an original, new method that allows anyone to fine-tune their minds, develop perception and fine motor skills to a very high level.

There are more and more of us in the world who believe that genius can be learned!

With decades of hard training in the martial arts, we achieved incredible results even with the most "sete-fooler" disciples who studied persistently and diligently. To this day, however, there is a very strong stereotype in the fine arts that in the absence of innate talent, most people can never acquire the ability they possess to create wonderful things.

The new method I have created is based on my martial arts studies and composers 'knowledge at least as much as my drawing skills. It is no coincidence that both the samurai and the European knights were extremely educated, famous for their proficiency in the arts in addition to the science of fighting.

Drawing from the head is completely natural in infancy. As teenagers and adults, the level of development of our left hemisphere is perfectly visible from our drawings based on the patterns depicted, based on which it is common in the colloquial language whether or not someone is a "born talent.

Although we are still amazed, we are slowly getting used to the fact that with conscious training and persistent, decades of work in sports, anyone can develop their skills to a very high level. In contrast, in the field of drawing skills, there is still a widespread belief in both the public consciousness and public education that it is not possible to teach those without innate talent to create on a professional level.

We have definitely refuted this outdated view in recent years. In 54 countries, we have already helped the development of more than 12,000 of our students with this Hungarian method.

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NEW Hungarian invention : with the naked eye millimeters exactly!


+ Silver ratio ( NEW !! )

by Tonchi Hussar 

art director

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 In 2020, thanks to a Hungarian mathematical solution, the most beautiful geometric ratio for the human eye, the determination of the GOLD GATE ( gold engraving ) with a free eye level, with an accuracy of millimeters, was finally possible. This is a milestone in visual representation that has occupied painters, mathematicians and architects for millennia, with which we can now revolutionize drawing education in the world!

 The Hussar Arts International Academy, as the sole instructor of this protected Hungarian method ( © ), is preparing for a Guinness World Record experiment, in which you want to make this discovery public all over the world free of charge! As the first stop of the lecture series, the invited guest lecturer was none other than the leading scientist mathematics teacher at Eötvös Loránd University, Dr. Professor László Gerőcs, who obtained his doctorate in the topic of the gold ratio. For this reason, he is also a frequent lecturer in art schools, where he presents the most exciting geometric ratio in art history classes as a mathematician, which has also occupied artists for millennia.

 However, because, unlike mathematicians, artists typically prefer to create from feeling rather than using a ruler and compass, applying the gold ratio in this form in the arts has been inaccurate for millennia. This is the solution of this Hungarian method, which builds a more easily interoperable bridge between the world of mathematicians and artists. This unique solution was also confirmed by Teacher Gerőcs.

 In the lecture combined with education, the discoverer of this method, the founder of the Academy, artistic director Huszár Tonchi, will personally present the golden ratio with the "Hussar method".

 We show how ANYONE can become able to determine the gold ratio with FREE EYE VALUE, MILLIMETER ACCURACY!

✅ We also show live how this knowledge can be applied with the accuracy of millimeters with this Hungarian method! This is a particularly useful solution for all visual representation professionals and amateurs alike.

✅ We teach how to draw harmonious human faces from the head - with the most beautiful geometric proportions for the human eye - with this Hungarian method. ⁇ ️

✅ SILVER incision for the human eye ( is the second most beautiful geometric ratio after the golden ratio ). This was known and determined by the Babylonians thousands of years ago, but their solution was complex and ( like the gold engraving ) could only be used with a compass-liner.

 After the Hussar method found a solution for the exact application of the ARANY incision in millimeters with a free eye level in 2020, using this revolutionary new approach, in 2022 the Hussar method also found a solution for determining the SILVER ratio with a free eye level, even with an accuracy of millimeters!!

 At the performance we will also present this latest Hungarian discovery!

 The performance will be live, ONLINE ( Zoom ), which requires prior registration and registration.

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