Brush satyr pencil (modified) - HUSSAR METHOD

In 2019, I saw a special drawing tool I had never known to a Canadian student, with which he was able to shade even smaller details than paper pencils. There was no branding on it that we could have identified, so I couldn't locate the manufacturer or distributor. So I started researching because it could be created in a similar way. Eventually, I found a Japanese brush felt-tip pen, which was originally a high-quality, liquid-filled product from Japanese Tombow. I disassembled and purposefully remodeled and dried it ... so that, in a completely different way from its original function, it was not only suitable for the extra soft satire of graphite, as I experienced with the tool of my Canadian student, but even exceeded its precision. The dried brush end is stiff enough to accurately apply graphite to the paper, yet soft enough not to squeeze into the paper, allowing you to draw the play of light into the applied graphite layer with much more sophistication with special erasers. The end of the dried felt is a 0.8 mm thin, round tip, hard enough to be more precise than the thinnest paper pencil to apply the tiniest, thinnest shadows to be blurred, such as wrinkles, skin pores, iris spots, etc. 2020 development. Our favorite drawing tool. You will love it!
1,800 Ft