4H-s Faber-Castell 9000 graphite pencil

It is an essential basic drawing tool that is typically used to draw the faintest thin lines (e.g., ends of hairs and light shadows in curls). I've tried many kinds over the years. There is relatively little difference due to their hardness, so it's no problem if you use a different brand. if you find a 4H pencil in your child's pen holder at home, you don't have to order it. Due to its hardness, it wears very slowly, so it has an extremely long service life. Faber castell is one of my favorite German brands I love. The 9H Series 4H pencil leaves a perfect line even with its high hardness, thanks to a tip made using excellent ground graphite. Faber-Castell 9000 graphite pencils are ideal for artists and technical draftsmen thanks to their extremely wide selection. The pencil is much more durable thanks to the SV binding used by the manufacturer, the tip does not break in the shell and its sharpening is also easier. Last but not least, the water-based coating of the pencil is completely environmentally friendly. If you can't find a 4H pencil at home and you're looking for the best one, choose this one! You will not be disappointed!
600 Ft