Faber-Castellplasticine eraser in plastic box

The use of a quality eraser and an eraser is essential to create the perfect drawing. There are basically two materials used for eraser, one is plastic and the other is plastic.

All Faber-Castell erasers are PVC-free, which is important because it does not contain unhealthy phthalate plasticizers. Phthalates have been shown to cause undesirable effects in direct contact. Faber-Castell's balanced plastic mixture guarantees easy and stain-free exfoliation. The plastic scraper is suitable for erasing carbon, graphite, crayons and pastels. It is soft, easy to knead, has excellent binding ability (after kneading, it "absorbs" the graphite and becomes clean again), it does not leave a greasy stain on the sheet and does not damage it.

Suitable for repair and scraping of lights. Before the first use, you may want to knead it softly in the palm of your hand, but you can also tear smaller pieces out of it as is convenient. You can shape the soft eraser to the right shape for you if you need small point repairs, but you can also erase a larger surface with it. The plasticine eraser becomes sticky after kneading, so it is very good to grab the graphite you want to remove.

Of course, after a while the eraser "saturates", it may dry out, in which case we have to buy a new one.

600 Ft