HUSSAR METHOD paper pencil (size L)

I replaced paper pencils for many years, persistently searching for the most ideal. or it was too hard to work softly, or it was too soft and bent, it broke at harder satirics, or the design of the tip was too sharp, which prevented the surface of the hussar method from resting on the full length of the paper. meanwhile. Oddly enough, the most expensive, most branded paper pencils were the worst, the most unsuitable for the style of my method. From 2020, we will use our own special paper pencils with our own logo, the material of which is ideally soft for etching graphite, but at the same time strong enough to keep it stable during drawing. HUSSAR METHOD's high-quality paper pencil is used to obscure smaller shadows, to create and blend transitional tones (eg iris shading). A paper pencil is nothing more than a pressed paper rod that is shaped like a pencil. We sell different thicknesses, one thicker and one thinner. You will need both. Different sizes help our work, from larger surfaces to the finest details. You must not carve because it will be ruined. The reamer is suitable for cleaning and shaping the tip resulting from wear, which you can also find in our webshop. It is an indispensable tool for photorealistic works using the Hussar method. You will have one of the most used tools. You will love it very much!
1,150 Ft