Hussar ratio meter 2017 - made of wood

From the classical ratio meter used for centuries, further developed specifically for the Hussar method, it is a special tool for checking and improving eye size. Self-developed, all pieces are handmade, 2017 model. Material: glazed wood and brass

Zoom functions when copying from a photo:

> From A5 to A4;

From A4 to A3,

from A3 to A2; A6 (photo size) to A4;

From A6 to A2;

Check other ratios: > halving, thirding, quartering; accurate and fast determination of head height from head width; golden ratio; doubling, tripling, quadrupling;

》 7x faster control than with a ruler 》 Good-looking exterior

》 Name tag with engraved nameplate (optional)

》 Improves eye size (Hussar method)

》 Tutorial with video

》 Printed and live, interactive, online user guide Leveraging 3 years of experience, rethinking in 2020, with plenty of innovations, eliminating the possibility of previously experienced errors during use, we have created another, more modern, extremely accurate design, which has been supplemented with many new and useful features.

(See 2020 models) Before you decide which one to choose, check out the Basic and Pro versions of our 2020 model as well.

12,500 Ft