Gloves - Pro

A premium quality product developed and manufactured in-house.

Prevents accidental smearing on paper Significantly reduces hand friction Adaptable, washable, well ventilated

Premium quality, comfortable and comfortable to wear even when used all day long.

The hands of all healthy people are greasy. When we touch a glass surface, it also becomes immediately visible. When we get to our drawing (this is essential for the hand holding the pencil), we also grease the paper. However, this is not immediately apparent, only after several hours of work we end up with it even with graphite powder,

It is an extremely practical tool for protecting this. We tried several types, from the Chinese 2-finger cheap version to the most expensive, but it was either uncomfortable to wear or made of poor quality material. That's why we decided to go into our own development and produce the best quality gloves. In addition to the cheaper but excellent raw material (Basic), we also produce a premium category version (Pro).

The Pro version fits more precisely to the size of the hand, expands in all directions and is made of a more durable, finer material for even more comfortable wear.

Once you pull it up, you won't want to take it off!

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7,500 Ft