8B-s Koh-I-Noor Progresso graphite pencil

Progresso pencils are known worldwide for the fact that the graphite rod is not surrounded by a wooden pencil body. This actually gives a solid graphite rod which is excellent for use on larger surfaces during drawing. Graphite is surrounded only by a thin layer of film that protects your hands from being smeared by the graphite, which could make your drawing stamped. By scraping the tip of the wood-free tip at a right angle with a sniper, we can make a fine graphite powder, the blurring of which with a paper handkerchief or paper pencil gives a more even shadow on larger surfaces. The 8B is soft enough to draw dark shadows with it. With the Hussar method, we also use this to prime the darkest parts of the hair technique. Because it's soft enough, it wears out extremely quickly, so order at least two of it. In addition, since it is not protected in a circle by a wooden stiffener, it is often the case that for a more vehement shading, it breaks even at a medium pressure (due to the wrong place). Both worn and broken shorter pieces remain usable by the pencil extension. It is also typically available at larger stationery stores, making it easy to replace. Professional drawing tool, I will really like it!
550 Ft