Three-edged precision eraser

An eraser ideal for drawing the lights of hairs. Its edges are short enough to follow the curves of the hairs well, yet long enough to work as much as possible over a given point by pulling it out.

This way we can draw very nice, bright lights with it on the pre-applied fine graphite layer. Its formal design results in a secure grip that can be held in your hand like pencils. Starting from the wrist support, we can draw perfectly parallel curves, thus achieving the natural hair effect (Hussar method). Because we can only use it properly with a thin edge when one (quickly) wears out, we just need to flip it over to the next edge and continue creating without interruption. When all three edges are blunted, we can cut off the end with a snitzer so it will be sharp again.

Although it has a nice long eraser insert, it wears out relatively quickly due to regular cutting, so it is definitely recommended to buy it with at least one spare eraser. Several similar-looking erasers are also sold in stores, including a number of poor-quality erasers.

We use and deliver the highest quality to you.

1,100 Ft