Electric (robot) eraser - With special erasers

For years, I suffered from electric erasers manufactured by Derwent, one of the best brands, as the motor-driven head in which the eraser is fixed usually hits (9 out of 10). Its eccentric movement thus did not allow for precise use. Other alternatives were not ideal for most of our price-sensitive students due to either their very poor quality or unrealistically high goods (3-4x more expensive). Eventually, I found a Chinese product from TENWIN that is extremely precise in its rotating motion, plus it can grip two eraser tips of different thicknesses. The sleek design provides an ideal, comfortable grip. It also has more expensive designs, but they only differ in the pressure sensitivity of the button and the volume of the engine. For all of them, however, the quality of the Chinese eraser is far worse than that of the English. Fortunately, Derwent's thick replacement eraser fits perfectly into TENWIN, and the thin eraser insert is perfectly the same circumference as the world's finest Japanese thin eraser, so once the plastic stem is removed, the eraser can be inserted into the thin head by cutting it in half lengthwise. With this unique solution, which differs from the original design, we managed to develop an extraordinary drawing tool. Ideal for drawing minor lights (e.g. glare of the eyes, jewelry, skin pores, dreadlocks, etc.) where there is no possibility to move the eraser due to the small space. This is because the rotating head does not require us to move the eraser, so we are able to draw light spots smaller than the head of the pin. Kids love it so much that they erase everything with it. When teaching the unique drawing techniques of the Hussar method, we also teach the professional use of this tool. We already ship the erasers in exchange for English and converted Japanese inserts. This compact electric eraser is made of high quality plastic, durable and very comfortable. The medium size fits perfectly in the hand, is portable and comfortable to hold. The electric eraser is excellent for precision and fast erasing and repairs. Can also be used for graphite, color and carbon pencil drawings. The great thing about electric erasers is that you can easily erase multiple layers, even the darkest parts, from even a small area. Unlike the original packaging, it comes with the best quality Japanese and English eraser refills. With 4 x 2.3 mm Japanese and 10 5 mm English eraser refills.
5,500 Ft