Tombow Mono Zero precision eraser with circular charge, plus refill

Defend your drawing and really only delete the parts you absolutely need! - the high-quality precision eraser from Tombow Mono Zero will help you with this. This eraser will not damage your page and is also excellent for scraping the darkest parts. The round-ended eraser charge has a diameter of 2.3mm. The pen-shaped design makes it even easier to use. The eraser refill comes forward by pressing the end of the pen even with just a mechanical pencil, and they can be refilled in the same way. One package contains one piece of striped precision eraser as well as two pieces of charge. You can even purchase the refill separately later. The eraser is very popular with both artists and designers as it allows for hairpin erasure due to its unique design. Apart from its precision, the eraser quality is not negligible either. Dark, multi-layered graphite and colored pencils are also easier to erase back with it than with other traditional erasers.

2,900 Ft