2 hours drawing education

B (basic) - education #1-3.

 Details from the curricula of our all-day drawing courses. Optimal head shape and eye editing, basic photorealistic drawing techniques, golden ratio, hair drawing, special tools and techniques to develop a free eye level. We share special, original knowledge that is not taught in any school anywhere in the world.

A XXI. The perfect harmony of 19th century modern science and classical arts is the Hussar method. It has become a world leader since 2017 by intensively developing and fine-tuning the human mind, the so-called "inner consciousness," by raising awareness of the impact of visual stimuli on our emotions and incorporating them into a system of geometric relationships.

In the first round, you can learn about 3 main topics: B1, B2, and B3 in a 3x2-hour interactive online education.

B1 *How to draw from the head, proportional, optimal head shape?

2 hours education

EUR 47 (GBP 42) (USD 55)

 Practical tips for photo-realistic drawing. (drawing tools, paper types, tool usage, good editing secrets, what photo DO NOT draw NEVER). HUSSAR-method - we present the internationally recognized, world-leading, original methodology developed in 2017, which is already being studied in 27 countries around the world, both beginners and renowned painters. Proportions and drawing of the optimal head shape (Hussar-method).

B2 *Learn to draw eyes precisely, by heart!

Eye proportions, geometric relationship systems - [Hussar method]

2 hours education

EUR 47 (GBP 42) (USD 55)    

B3 *Shading of the eye

Shading the eye drawn on B2 education - [Hussar method]

2 hours education

EUR 47 (GBP 42) (USD 55)