Professional INTERACTIVE drawing education

Free education

Helpful Tips, Daily Tips for Photorealistic Drawing # Special Drawing Tools # Tool Usage # Daily Tips # How Hussar-method works, which combines classic artistic values with modern XXI themes that can be mastered by anyone century science?

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2 hour drawing education

This 3-piece series teaches accurate, proportionate editing of the optimal head shape and eye millimeter in a way that is unique throughout the world, with basic shading techniques. You can learn about the golden ratio and the special hair technique of the Hussar-method.

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3 hour talent development drawing courses

With this special curriculum developed by Hussar-method in 2020, anyone can finally learn from head, feeling, without measurements, to accurately edit a millimeter of optimal human head shape, eyes, nose and mouth.

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8 hour drawing courses

Drawing Human Faces from the Head # Professional Photorealistic Drawing Techniques # Developing the Eye Size for Freehand Drawing # Expressing Emotions # Soul in the Drawing # Nude # Drawing Animals # Portraits from a Photo

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