With the Hussar method, indeed, anyone can learn to draw lifelike, photorealistic pictures, even from the head, not just copied. 

The Hussar method can revolutionize drawing education in the world!

Larry Sept - artist 2020. Vancouver, Canada

⚜️ Participation in our drawing courses does not require any prior training or innate talent.

⚜️ The basis of this special method is based on a system of original geometric relationships that are easy to learn for complete beginners, while providing new and useful knowledge even for the most qualified professional artists.

⚜️ As a result, more than ten thousand people from nearly 40 countries (from Dubai to Canada) are now learning this method, including amateurs and internationally recognized artists.

⚜️ With the following ticket, you can participate in the first three online drawing courses of the University of the Academy FOR FREE [B1-B2-B3] within three months at any time you choose.

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