The Hussar method

The conscious art of emotions

 In just a few years, more than 7,000 of my students have experienced the effectiveness of the Hussar method, with which BÁRKI can learn to draw lifelike, photo realistically, even by heart.

This methodology is not comparable to any other education. Even after graduating from art university, I didn't feel sure about my knowledge of drawing a portrait. This changed the first day with the Hussar method. Incredible! Education based on logical, well-tracked algorithms that can be mastered by anyone. He is truly a world leader!

Judith Lawran - graphic  

2018. San Francisco, USA

What's the secret?

 Like music or sports, the emotions evoked by artists can be described in the form of algorithms in the language of mathematics and geometry.

 It targeted the faulty patterns of the left hemisphere, which is responsible for professionalism, among others, as well as the right-brain-rich vision. The Hussar method develops the brain at such a high level by synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain. "internal consciousness" (which determines the worldview and perception of all people), which even people considered "born talent" can only acquire with decades of learning, and most people are not able to do so throughout their lives.

Professionally well established, scientific, understandable, AUTHENTIC!

It is not comparable to any other methodology. The Hussar method changes the world we have hitherto believed in drawing education.

Dennis Johansen - architect

2018. Oslo, Norway

 I have been considered a born talent since I was a child in the drawing. But I only understood what was really missing from my creations when I was asked to share my knowledge and teach others how to draw a portrait. The classic university method as I learned was unsuitable for teaching people without innate talent.

 At the age of 42, I was temporarily paralyzed in an accident, so my long decades of elite athlete career broke at the waist. During my recovery after life-saving surgery, I paid special attention to composition and the fine arts. Since I was 11, I have learned to draw on a professional level, by a painter living next door, and in the same year I started studying Japanese martial arts and composing. Despite the outstanding international success both as a rock musician and as a European champion karate master, I didn't understand the connection between music, sports and the fine arts until I started teaching photo-realistic portrait drawing after my accident. 

No matter what you thought so far, you thought about the world because it all changes after you get to know this methodology!"  

Hannah Johansson - stylist 

2017. Stockholm, Sweden

 In a multitude of professional drawing lessons built on innate talent, or drawing courses and art schools sold with good marketing but not bringing relevant results, it is difficult for anyone who wants to develop their skills, get the most out of themselves, or just experience the artistic completeness that a real creative process can give.  

Born talent alone is unconscious.   

 A work driven by a purely good sense is therefore often pregnant with uncertainty. A consciously developed mind becomes much more confident, and learned abilities become instinctive over time with frequent repetitions. Therefore, I wanted to create a new methodology that consciously develops the human mind and talent in a way that can be mastered by anyone.

I have been a painter for 50 years. I didn't think I was going to learn that much new in just three days."    

Simo Paul - painter 

2019. Netanya, Israel

 "My goal was to find the most effective way possible to pass on my knowledge to my students. With three years of persistent research work, (exchanges with artists and psychiatrists, analysis of studies by brain researchers, and my knowledge of composers and elite athletes, using my experience) as a result of "experimentation" with three thousand disciples, in the end, I didn't just decipher the real reason for the difficulties of learning drawing, but I also managed to develop a revolutionary new methodology to solve the problem, which has been an internationally recognized world leader in intensive drawing education since 2017."

Its effectiveness is astounding in itself, but what's even more shocking is its speed."

Karim Mahmoud - teacher

2018. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

 It started to spread like wildfire on the internet, as the development with the Hussar method is so incredible and spectacular that our successes have been noticed in several countries, from the United States to Dubai. Initially from the most developed countries in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, etc.).), then from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and America - painters, professional photographers, wood carvers, sculptors, beauticians, fashion designers, etc. and amateurs. - specifically for the sole purpose of developing with the Hussar method. The success was 100% in all cases, so after they returned home, our foreign drawing courses also started, as a result of which in 2020 our students can learn to "draw in Hungarian" with the "Hussar method".

Wonderful! I first traveled from Canada to Hungary for 7 days just to get to know the Hussar method in person. For the second time, I have been following Tonchi on his European tour for 2 months. We flew to another country every week, from the Netherlands to Scotland and studied with local students.

As a nearly 70-year-old artist, I've learned a lot in my life, but the Hussar method is completely different from any method I've learned before.

Incredible!! The Hussar method revolutionizes drawing education in the world!

The whole world needs to know me, so I invited Tonchi to Canada to teach as well."

Larry Sept - artist 

2020. Vancouver, Canada

 The Hussar method has set up a system of geometric connections that can consciously develop our abilities, as a result of which anyone can be able to draw in just a few days, in many cases more beautifully than students who have completed art schools with decades of experience. Like music or sports, the emotions evoked by the fine arts can be described in the form of algorithms in the language of mathematics and geometry.

 It does not require any training. In a single day, our students will have so much new knowledge that they can effectively incorporate and apply in their field. Due to its unparalleled ability-building effect, our students, who can only draw a "sticker," will also be able to create professional creations in just a few days.

 The Hussar method also includes a device that is also self-developed, as an invention, which not only checks but also makes the eye level more accurate, thus improving the observation of details and analytical skills.

The Hussar method shows you the world in a system of unique geometric connections that you will never look at human faces in the same way."

Pradip Chakraborty - doctor 

2018. Calcutta, India

 It effectively increases sports performance, helps learning, strengthens creativity, balances and has a healing effect on patient recovery.

 We teach with unique, original, self-developed, extremely spectacular photo-realistic drawing techniques, for which we provide the best drawing tools in the world. Among them are a number of special drawing tools developed and manufactured by themselves.

 Our advanced students can also learn our self-developed hair techniques, drawing the nose, ears, mouth and mustache.

My daughter has been going to art school for years. So far, I thought he could draw nicely. However, seeing the works made using the Hussar method, I no longer think so."

Andrea B. - technical director PRADA 

2018. Milano, Italy

 In addition to photo-realistic copying, we also teach the artwork from the head, the portrait after the live model and the drawing of the nude in the drawing courses of our academy.

 We always teach in mixed groups in our drawing courses, so beginners can meet and get to know our advanced students from day one.

 The success of the Hussar method is 100% guaranteed for everyone. With us, not only is everyone learning to draw nicer, but really nicely.

 As a result, it strengthens self-esteem and also increases self-confidence.

At first I thought it was just some kind of right-wing "drawing circle," but the two shouldn't even be mentioned in a single sentence. Fantastic!

This should be taught to all children already in elementary school. Not only would they see the world with a different eye, but we could also develop their other abilities more easily through it.

For us artists, though, it's an amazing help in the creation.


Shelly Yu - graphic

2017. Hong Kong, China

Hussar method in schools

 Our Academy supports the talent development of primary and high school students around the world by holding unusual drawing lessons around the world. We also support the training of drawing teachers, we teach free of charge in orphanages and foundations that help permanently ill children.

Even the first lesson was amazing. I am very glad to have learned the special drawing technique of the Hussar method.

Tonchi is a great teacher. Thank you very much!

Alexandra Okada - az Oxfordi Egyetem munkatársa

2020. Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

For 25 years, I learned to draw in a lot of places. It was completely different from what I had experienced anywhere so far. I had a great time learning a lot of new things.

Although I developed according to the academic method (anatomical foundations, geometry), it was good to see these knowledge approached from a completely different angle.

It provides a sense of success and confidence."

Erdős Géza - drawing teacher Széchenyi István High School

2019. Pécs, Hungary

We had a wonderful day. Kids aged 7-11 at first didn't think they were capable of what they were introduced to. They were very surprised to see on the paper where the correct proportions of the face were.

They were very focused, followed the instructions, so they made their detailed, proportionate drawing with the techniques presented and the special drawing tools.

It was an excellent day, proving to students that they too can draw nicely and how much attention they need to pay to carefully compare every detail of what they draw with what they see.

Thank you thank you!"

Miss B. Jeffery - drawing teacher Swanbourne School 

2020. Swanbourne, England, United Kingdom

In 2 days we learned more about drawing a portrait using the Hussar method than in 12 years in the art school."

Graduate students - Palló Imre School of Art
2019. Székelyudvarhely, Transylvania, Romania